Dear Patients, Family and Friends,

As you all know, things are changing not only daily, but hourly. I’ve been trying to absorb as much information I can in order to make the best decisions for my office and for my patients. If we accept that social distancing is the best thing we can do as individuals to lessen the impact of this virus and ensure the most people stay healthy, then it is with a heavy heart that I must close our offices for the next two weeks.  No matter how sterile I keep our environment, I cannot foster social distancing with a lobby and clinic full of people.   

As of Wednesday, March 18, we will be closed through April 6, and will adjust our schedule as needed. If you are an Invisalign patient and are in need of more aligners, we may be able to give you a few aligners until we can see you again in the office, so please contact the office directly to make arrangements (Office number is 808-536-2223).  If you are having an urgent orthodontic matter that is causing you significant discomfort, please call the office, as we will have staff available to assist you.  If it is after hours, and truly an urgent orthodontic matter, please call or text me on my cellular at 808-436-7472.

I know this is an inconvenience, and I truly apologize for how this may affect your schedule and treatment.  My main goal is that you and your families remain healthy.

Big smiles,